Adding Meta Tags

Let’s take a look at how we can add site-wide and page specific meta tags to our RapidWeaver project.



1 year ago

A good video on adding Meta Data tags to your site both per page and globally.

Personally, I don't use that method. I use the Configure -> Code -> Head area to put my global meta data tags, makes copying a list of them between sites much easier as a developer. Secondly, for the page specific tags, I just use the header area of the inspector to add page specific meta tags for the same reason (one less interface interaction). It should be noted that having more than 1 instance of a meta tag on a page will cause your SEO ranking to go down, so make sure you are not using a global defined meta tag and the same tag on your individual page.


11 months ago

Good tips. I wonder if it would help to have Rapidweaver flag duplicate meta tags on a page in the SEO Health Check function...?

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