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Advanced Responsive Preview

RapidWeaver has a very nice built-in way of previewing how you sites look at different widths (you just drag the side of the preview area to adjust the width), but it's not a 100% accurate representation of how your site will look an an iPhone, an iPad mini, or the new iPad Pro. So in this lesson we'll take a quick look at how you can use Safari's new “Responsive Design Mode” to get a better preview of how your site works across multiple devices.



1 year ago

Excellent! Another great video... keep them coming!!! :)

Extra Notes: Opera is almost exactly the same as Chrome, enable dev toolbar and the results are similar

Firefox has similar as well although nowhere near as fancy as Safari or Chrome.

  • Option click -> Inspect Element
  • Responsive Design mode (3rd button from left on right side) -> Choose layout from dropdown.


1 year ago

Yeah FireFox and Opera have some dev tools, but I find Safari's are the best for testing your site on Apple devices, and Chrome dev tools are the best for pretty much everything else.

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