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Custom 404 Error Pages

Wouldn't it be nice if when a users lands on a deleted page, or miss-types the url, that a nicely styled error message was displayed? In this lesson you'll learn how to create a customised 404 error page in RapidWeaver. We'll look at customising the content, uploading it to your server, and configure your server to use your new page. A 404 error page is the page displayed when your server cannot find the page the visitor has requested. You can [learn more about response codes](, should you wish to.



1 year ago

Very good explanation and example of how, what, why and where for various error codes from web servers and a very good resource to add to dev tools, thanks!


7 months ago

Hi, I'm on RW 5 using Foundation. Unfortunately this is not working for me. I have also used the technique in the rapidweaver book and that hasn't worked either. The only thing that had any effect was using ErrorDocument 404 /index.html which didn't go to my 404 page just to the home page or a page without styling. I have spent a lot of time trying to get this to work. Any further tips. the site is: Cheers paul

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