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Simple htaccess Tips

Let me teach you about 6 simple htaccess tricks that can help you manage your site/server better. We'll look at disabling directory listings, controlling who can access your site, redirecting files and folders, hot linking protect, and blocking access to files.



1 year ago

With the Basic Authentication using htaccess video in combination with this video you should have a very protected site from having files hotlinked unless you specify its ok, white list and black list users by domain or IP, specify file upload limits for your forms, redirection control for changed links/sub-domains and disabling directory listings... These 2 video's compliment each other very well for the htaccess & htpasswd file uninitiated!

My only request would be that there be a zip file of the sample htaccess file available in the video description to play with. But, you can pause the video and create this pretty easily with any text editor (MUST be a text/html editor) as the files must be plain ascii with no formatting (, coda, text wrangler, etc). If you use a text editor that recognizes 'code' then you will get the colouring as outlined in the video ( does not support code colouring).

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