RapidWeaver Video Tutorials

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Released on Oct 1, 2015.

Run Time 03:55.

Managing Addons

A quick overview on how to manage addons within RapidWeaver 6

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Released on Oct 6, 2015.

Run Time 04:59.

Adding Meta Tags

Let’s take a look at how we can add site-wide and page specific meta tags to our RapidWeaver project.

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Released on Oct 20, 2015.

Run Time 26:03.

Sticky Page Navigation

There are times when certain pages on you site have a lot of content, making it hard for viewers to navigate through the page. To make things easier for your viewers you could crea...

In Advanced Topics.

Released on Oct 26, 2015.

Run Time 35:21.

Web Developer Tools Introduction

The Web Developers Tools built-in to RapidWeaver give you some powerful ways to debug errors and tweak your site layout and styles. In this lesson you’ll learn the basics of using...

In Stacks & Foundation.

Released on Oct 28, 2015.

Run Time 15:42.

Creating Partials in Stacks 3

Stacks 3 introduced a powerful new feature called Partials. Partials allow you to create sections of content that can be reused across your site. Edit the partial and it's automati...

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Released on Nov 24, 2015.

Run Time 12:44.

Keyboard Shortcuts

In this lesson we take a look at how you speed up your RapidWeaver work flow with some handy keyboard shortcuts.

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Released on Jan 7, 2016.

Run Time 23:28.

Performance enhancements and HTTPS with CloudFlare

If you've ever attempted to setup HTTPS and advanced caching techniques on your server then you'll know what a pain it is. Luckily CloudFlare can take care of all of this for us. W...

In Advanced Topics.

Released on Jan 12, 2016.

Run Time 23:48.

Control How Google Indexes Your Site

In this lesson we're going to use a robots.txt file to control how Google (and other search engines) index your site's content. We'll take a look at a couple of different options f...

In Advanced Topics.

Released on Jan 25, 2016.

Run Time 06:48.

Custom 404 Error Pages

Wouldn't it be nice if when a users lands on a deleted page, or miss-types the url, that a nicely styled error message was displayed? In this lesson you'll learn how to create a cu...

In Powerful Addons.

Released on Feb 4, 2016.

Run Time 14:48.

Modal Contact Forms using Focus and FormLoom

Often you'll want your customers to be able to easily contact your company, so rather than having a dedicated contact page I like to build a “Contact Us” modal that popups on top o...