Publishing Projects

Learn how to prepare and publish your project using the new Publish menu in RapidWeaver.



2 years ago

(FREE) An excellent series to get started with RapidWeaver 6.x part 9 of 10. Caveat... There are some people with publishing issues and the Community Forums is the place to research for possible solutions should you encounter publishing issues. There are a host of possible solutions there, so please do a search before posting your publishing question :)


1 year ago

Even though I started with the original RapidWeaver and upgraded to each new version, I found the new features in 7 to be outstanding. In some of the older version there was a great deal of work that is now really "automated." Thanks for continued improvement to the program. I is by far the best piece of software I use on my iMac.

Jon Booker [email protected]


1 year ago

Thank you Jon. So pleased to hear you're enjoying RW7 :)

Vanessavon H Von Holm

1 year ago

Hi, I just uploaded a site, the first time it worked perfectly, then I made some changes (added a page and deleted two) uploaded again and it would not upload? I contact the web host and they told me that the site was been uploaded via a zip file, which was very confusing to me, they kept blaming RW and could not help, any ideas?


1 year ago

Hi, it's best if you email us on [email protected] as it's easier to communicate via email than here.

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