RapidWeaver 8 is GDPR Compliant

Out of the box, RapidWeaver 8 is 100% GDPR compliant!

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Device Simulator

You can now preview your site in multiple devices without ever leaving RapidWeaver.

Web Icons and Pinned Tabs

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RapidWeaver 8 is GDPR Compliant

Out of the box, RapidWeaver 8 is 100% GDPR compliant!

Addons Manager

The new addons manager enables you to enable, disable, and back-up your third-party addons.

Social Media Meta Tags

In RapidWeaver 8 you can now manage meta tags for social media, such as Twitter cards and OpenGraph, to help improve your SEO score.

Site Language

You can now specify the language for your RapidWeaver site via the General Settings area.

Htaccess File Editing

You can now create and edit htaccess files from within RapidWeaver. There's even a GIT-like revision control so you can rollback to any prev...

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Amazing New User Interface

Completely reworked and modernised, the new UI in RapidWeaver 8 is an amazing update. We even managed to sneak in UI restoration, meaning Ra...

Unsplash Integration

Browse thousands of free-to-use, professionally taken, stock photographs from Unsplash directly within RapidWeaver 8.

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