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Sticky Page Navigation

There are times when certain pages on you site have a lot of content, making it hard for viewers to navigate through the page. To make things easier for your viewers you could create a "sticky" navigation bar that automatically scrolls the page to each section of content. In this lesson we'll teach you how to create a sticky navigation bar using the [Rails stack]( We'll go in-depth on how to structure your content, how to customise the navigation, and add some custom CSS along the way. Enjoy!



2 years ago

I don't think Nick could have explained his Rails Stack any better ;) Very nice presentation with some custom icons, css & mods to the default stack.


1 year ago

Nicely done. Makes it look so easy! Would love to see more in this series!


1 year ago

Glad you enjoyed the video :) I'll be adding more videos to this series very soon!

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