Naming Folders in Advanced Topics

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Published on Apr 27, 2015

Learn how to optimise your site for search engine indexing by giving your pages descriptive and relevant folder names. Be sure to also watch the accompanying Tidy Website Links video!

Advanced Topics Series Continue your RapidWeaver learning by watching all the videos in this series!


So many people in the forums forget this part of the process or maybe don't know about it. A good intro to managing your site.

Written by Turtle 8 months ago

Would be nice to see how you name the folder of nested pages (sub-pages)

Written by Turtle 11 months ago

I'll hopefully be covering that in a future lesson on SEO, stay tuned!

Written by bencounsell 11 months ago

Just be sure to add a forward slash to the file path. It will even tell give you a descriptive help if you don't start your folder with a forward slash (go RapidWeaver!) i.e. /folder1/subfolder1/

Written by skillet 11 months ago

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