Exporting Projects in Getting Started

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Published on Feb 24, 2015

Learn how to export RapidWeaver projects, to view them locally on your Mac or upload them manually to your server.

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(FREE) An excellent series to get started with RapidWeaver 6.x part 8 of 10.

Written by Turtle 8 months ago

Just finished watching this last of the 'basics' vids on using RapidWeaver. As a 'basic' sort of web publisher myself, (not really making millions building and hosting sites for friends here) I can see where you folks could put a lot of other folks like me out of work! Seriously though, it's pretty awesome to find your product and know I'll not have to clutter up my Mac with a VMware session with "Windoze" to run Dreamweaver any longer. I look forward to learning as much as possible on using RapidWeaver to make my 'job' much easier in the future. This old retired IT geek appreciates your efforts! Thank you!

Written by Cpt Jera 1 year ago

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