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Creating Partials in Stacks 3

Stacks 3 introduced a powerful new feature called Partials. Partials allow you to create sections of content that can be reused across your site. Edit the partial and it's automatically updated everywhere! In this lesson you'll learn why you should use partials, how to create new partials and how to update content within a partial.



1 year ago

Interesting .. buy the software since early 2010 and support buy purchasing hundreds of stacks, themes .. and now tutorial videos are not free .. oh well .. wordpress .. guess I have to look more closely


1 year ago

Unfortunately we can't make all our videos for free, but we do have plenty of free videos on the site and more free tutorials are on the way :)


1 year ago

I agree entirely Brad. You'd think that they'd want their software to receive good reports, by making tutorials etc free and readily available, not to mention less requests for help in the Forums. It's contra-indicative, to sell a product, then restrict the purchasers' ability to learn how to use it. Bah!


1 year ago

This video is probably the most extensive description and example use of Stacks 3 Partials and Nested Partials I have seen yet. Very well done video, worth the $10 subscription fee in itself!


1 year ago

I feel like i have spent over $200 and still cannot create a site. Quite frustrated.

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