Getting Started with Foundation: Part 3

In this three part series Joe Workman walks you through building a complete website using RapidWeaver 6, Stacks 3 and his Foundation theme and stacks. You'll learn how to complete site. We'll be using Stacks 3 amazing new partials feature to easily share content across all your pages. We'll also cover some SEO techniques as well as building additional pages such as a contact form. In the third and final part of this mini-series we wrap up a few loose ends and look at how to create a contact form and prepare our site for SEO. You can download the completed [RapidWeaver 6 project]( file for this mini-series if you don't want to create everything from scratch.



1 year ago

(FREE) If you're interested in HipsterWeaver Project Themes or building out your site using Joe Workman's Foundation Theme & Stack packs from a blank canvas, this is an excellent part 3 of 3 video series.