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Stacks Overview

Learn about one of the most powerful third-party plugins available for RapidWeaver – [Stacks](/rapidweaver/addons/plugins/stacks). Using Stacks, it's as easy as drag and drop to create flexible, powerful, and extensible layouts in your project. In this video, we'll take a tour of the Stacks plugin interface, as well as adding a some individual Stack elements to our project.


Maria Folsom

2 years ago

I am trying to use the free trial of RW. To do so, I need to watch some tutorial videos on your website. However, it seems I have to pay a subscription to view the tutorials. Catch 22! Not a "free" trial at all. I have many unanswered questions about how to use this program, so how can I get information?


2 years ago

Maria, you may find some videos on Youtube which is where I found them first before I went on to purchase Rapidweaver. After purchasing, you then get to view more videos - but it's up to you if you want to go ahead and purchase.


2 years ago

Hi Maria,

The trial of RapidWeaver is free to use, however alot of the third-party addons (such as Stacks) need to be purchased.

We need to charge for some videos on the site, as they take a lot of time to produce.

We do have a lot of free video tutorials on the site to get you started with RapidWeaver, check out the RapidWeaver Basics for example.

There's also plenty of documentation over on the RapidWeaver Support site.

You can also ask questions on the Community Forum

Hope that helps out :)


1 year ago

Charging for CHEAP videos is the most absurd thing I have ever heard of... If I were not already invested in RW I would be gone!!! If you want to charge for them professionally produce the videos and put them on That was about as nice as I am gong to be!!!


1 year ago

It took me a second to find the link button in Stacks three since this was made with stacks 2. They moved it to the bottom, thanks for showing this because I was putting images in an external link stack which seemed like unnecessary extra work and probably not as clean of code.


1 year ago

Some pretty negative comments on this video... yes, it is not up to date as far as Stacks is concerned, however, the principal and controls are the same albeit in different places and when this video was created, Stacks 3 was yet to be released! To see an updated video showing Stacks 3, go to the "Creating Partials in Stacks 3" video! I think this video is a great launching point for the use of Stacks elements and Stacks pages with the caveats already mentioned.

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