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Individual Page Styles

Learn how to customise the design of an individual page using custom theme styles, independent of the project's Master style.



2 years ago

I'm trying to change the image that the style uses. I don't necessarily want to be looking down on two feet. How do I choose my own image for the header?


2 years ago

You can change the image by choosing one of the options from the "Header" drop-down menu.

We cover this in the video, about a third of the way through :)


1 year ago

Nice video explaining possible per page theme setting customization, saving them and using Theme available images. This video does not cover using your own custom images in the header area, that is another video or in the instructions available for your 3rd party theme developers website.


1 year ago

How can I change the image for my own image?


1 year ago

It depends on the theme, but if it's a new theme (built for RW7) then you can use banner images. Watch this video for more info :)

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